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If You Want To Fly

Continuing on the theme of low-budget/no-budget ski films comes the trailer for “If You Want To Fly” from Vital Films. Releasing in September, “If You Want To Fly” again highlights what good editing and music can do for ski films. The trailer is a little light on skiing action for its length, but sets high hopes for the final product.

[H/T New Schoolers]

Edit: Loving the music in this video. The song is “We All Want To Fly” by Inspired Flight.

"IF YOU WANT TO FLY" - [OFFICIAL TRAILER] from Vital Films on Vimeo.

It’s so JANKY

To be honest I am normally drawn to the epic ski films. Huge expeditions featuring well-known skiers that are captured by large film companies over multiple years and several continents. The type of film that sucks you in, drops your jaw, and makes you want to quit whatever job you have to go travel the world. However, those expeditions, while driven by a passion for the sport and a love for adventure, are clearly professional endeavors. Sponsored skiers and production companies with a large budget setting out to make an epic.

JANKYfilms is pretty much the polar opposite of the epic ski film.  Shot by a group of friends snowed in at Alta, the teaser for “Boot Deep” makes it clear that these guys are out to have fun. That they managed to capture impressive skiing with surprisingly good production is just icing on the cake.

[H/T Cascade Tuholske]

BOOT DEEP! Teaser // JANKYfilms 2011 from JANKYfilms on Vimeo.

Kayak Freestyling

The video below, “Raindrop” from DKayaking, is a great example of the importance of good music (DJ Shadow and Zion I) and good editing in adventure films. Don’t get me wrong, the playboating in the film is impressive and fun to watch, but in the absence of really dramatic footage it is the production that keeps me engaged until the end. Big props to DKayaking.

[H/T Adventure Blog]

Industrial Revolutions

The video below made the internet rounds last week but is good enough that I’ll risk being redundant. Despite the title, “Industrial Revolutions” is a pretty simple movie. It is Danny MacAskill, an empty railyard, and whole lot of things I never thought possible. 

The video is directed by CutMedia’s Stu Thomson and features music from Ben Howard. It is pretty easy to be mesmerized by MacAskill but Thomson and co-camerman Aaron Bartlett deserve credit from some beautifully composed shots.  

[H/T Adventure Journal]

On Assignment

Camp 4 Collective, and photographer Jimmy Chin, spent May 2011 in Yosemite National Park covering climbing culture and the projects of some of the more progressive climbers. In addition to making a series of short films for National Geographic, Camp 4 created the video below, “On Assignment”, where Jimmy takes the spotlight and discusses the highs and lows of his job.

It is great to see a video that focuses on the photographer but also delivers in terms of scenery and action. “On Assignment” tells a great story and manages to fit in climbing, slack lining, base jumping, and impressive time-lapses into a compact 6 minute video. Well done guys.

[H/T Backcountry.com’s The Goat]

On Assignment from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Always cool to see a ski video with a different angle to the sport. This time: freestyle in downtown Boston. 

Video comes courtesy of snowkeepsfalling, check out their tumblr for more adenture sport videos and pictures.

Rider of the Year

Tribe, Kayak Session, and Level Six are currently hosting the second annual Rider of Year Awards. The awards honor male and female kayakers in a number of categories including Best Line, Best Trick, Film of the Year, and the Hendri Coetzee Award for most remarkable expedition. I’ve already talked about Hendri some on this blog but if you aren’t familiar with his story, please check it out.

As any good adventure sport award program should, Rider of the Year includes clips and previews from this year’s competition. The preview for this year’s Best Line category is below.

[H/T Cascade Tuholske]

Rider of the Year II PREVIEW from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

The Adventure: Colder

So time for something a little different. Earlier this year, Eric Larsen became the first person to visit the North Pole, South Pole, and Everest in one year during his Save the Poles expedition. Now he’s putting together a full-length video entitled “Colder” to help raise awareness for climate change. The trailer below is impressive and hopefully inspires you to take full advantage of the weekend.

[H/T Adventure Blog]

Patagonia by Patagonia

Patagonia’s blog, The Cleanest Line, recently posted a time-lapse video of Patagonia by skateboarder Adam Colton. I don’t think these videos ever get old and this is no exception- the images are as amazing as you would expect.

Patagonia Time Lapse Video from Adam Colton on Vimeo.

MSP: Attack of La Nina

It’s that time of year again: trailer season. Below is one of my favorites so far, “Attack of La Nina” from Matchstick Productions. The trailer says it’s coming in September but from the film’s website, where you can of course pre-order, it won’t ship until mid-October.

[H/T Adventure Journal]

Attack of La Niña Trailer HD from MSP Films on Vimeo.

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